What We Offer

We offer archery lessons and training sessions in a friendly atmosphere to adults and kids aged 13 or older. Throughout the year we shoot indoors up to a distance of 18 meters and in the summer season we also train outdoors shooting from various distances up to 60 meters (all the details about our location can be found on the Contact page).

We can provide equipment for beginners, but you can also join us with your own bow, arrows etc. Our coach will be very glad to help you with advice on buying your own archery equipment.

Each year we organise a series of tournaments for club members. The more experienced archers from our club regularly compete at national level and take part in tournaments coordinated by the Polish Archery Federation.

We also arrange archery camps in the summer if enough club members are willing to participate.

Training Times

We meet everyday except from weekends and holidays (although even then we sometimes organize a nonscheduled training :) ). Currently we have two training sessions each day:

  • 17.00 - 18.30
  • 18.30 - 20.00 (Monday - Thursday) and 18.30 - 19.30 (Friday)

Everyone who would like to visit us for the first time can freely pick a suitable time for him but it is strongly recommended to call our instructor Wiktor Żarnowiecki (tel: 880 588 904) and confirm this time with him.


Members pay the following fees:

  • 40 zł - first, single training session with the assistance of the Coach
  • 20 zł - every next single training session
  • 150 zł - monthly fee
  • 150 zł - a ticket (voucher) for 10 training sessions
Additionally, in the case of monthly fees, we offer the following discounted prices:
  • 100 zł - for students of Lajos Kossuth High School No. 63
  • 100 zł - for archers with a 3rd "sport class" granted by the Polish Archery Federation
  • 50 zł - for archers with a 2nd or higher "sport class" granted by the Polish Archery Federation
(More info about "sport classes" granted by the PAF is available >here< but unfortunately only in Polish.)

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