History of the Club


"Robin Hood" Archery Club was started in February, 2012 by Wiktor Żarnowiecki and Artur Kwiecień in the Ursynów District of Warsaw. It was the first private archery club in Poland. The idea of bringing the "Robin Hood" AC to life had been developed earlier at the Students' Sports Club "Kusy" hosted by Janusz Kusociński Sport School No. 50, where an archery section existed between 2009 and 2011. Due to a lack of support from the school board, the concept of separation and starting a private archery club was born. The aforementioned archery enthusiasts bought all the necessary equipment and, thanks to great support from Mr Paweł Mazur - the principal of Lajos Kossuth High School No. 63, they rented a shooting range and began regular archery training. A few former members of the "Kusy"'s archery section followed their coaches and joined the newly-formed "Robin Hood" Archery Club. These were Karolina Komorowska, Patrycja Gałązka, Ewelina Hanier, Adrian Bogacki and Andrzej Białecki among others.

The Club got off to a strong start with several notable achievements in 2012: Ania Dąbrowska won two local tournaments in the childrens category, Piotrek Gajewski managed to finish on the podium in another local tournament and Adrian Bogacki came second in the youth category several times. Ewelina Hanier had a successful debut in Radom, and Karolina Komorowska gradually improved her scores until she finally claimed "Robin Hood's White Hat", which is a special prize in our Club. In the same year our coach Wiktor Żarnowiecki was fifth in the 4th Polish International Masters Championships in Teresin. Continuing the tradition from before "Robin Hood" AC, we also participated in the 8th edition of the 24h Archery Tournament in Radzymin, where year by year we have improved our final score.


From the very beginning of the second year of "Robin Hood" AC we have taken part in many tournaments achieving satisfactory results. Karolina won the Michał Sawicki Memorial in the young junior division and she was ranked 2nd in the Mieczysław Nowakowski Memorial. Adrian finished the Indoor Polish Youths Championships in Jasienica in 8th place. In June Karolina managed to qualify for the Polish Youths Olympic Games in Łódź by being the first runner-up in a tournament in Supraśl.

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